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Feline Outreach dissolved effective June 30, 2011. 

Due to a lack of funds, we unfortunately cannot accept applications for financial assistance at this time. If you are in need of financial assistance, please visit our list of other organizations that help with veterinary bills (below).

Feline Outreach was funded entirely by private contributions. Any assistance we provided was due entirely to the generosity of our donors.

Other organizations that may be able to provide financial assistance

Apply for Feline Outreach Financial Assistance

Feline Outreach assisted owners with unanticipated veterinary expenses rather than ongoing, routine care such as vaccinations. For assistance in spaying/neutering and vaccinations, we encourge owners to explore the availability of low cost clinics in your area that may be able to provide these services at a reduced cost.  Our goal is to help keep cats in homes.

  • There are no specific geographical or financial criteria for applying for assistance.
  • Applications will be considered based on the amount of assistance needed, and the applicant’s income and debt.
  • Feline Outreach Inc. focuses on assistance for specific past or future expenditures rather than ongoing routine care.
  • Financial assistance is generally paid directly to a veterinarian, pharmacy or other vendor.
  • An interest-free loan option is available.
  • Our funds are not restricted. All funds are available for
    general inquiries, assistance, education, etc. This enables us to grant assistance quickly in emergency cases, and to provide assistance to both caretakers with a large support network (such as an online forum) and caretakers without such support.
  • For rescue organizations in need, an application should be provided, omitting income information, etc, and attaching veterinary bills and a copy of 501(c)(3) registration. Generally, the focus of our organization is on keeping cats in homes, rather than assisting with cats that do not have homes. However, funds permitting, we may be able to grant something in recognition for what you have done to assist homeless cats through your work.

Please visit the Education section on our website for valuable information on caring for your cat.

You may want to join an online forum, depending on your cat’s condition. Some good online groups are included in the links on our Education page.

Questions may be directed to: general@felineoutreach.org

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