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Heather served on the board of directors as Secretary from 2007 to 2009, and President from 2009 to present.

Heather has three feline companions: Mr. Tubs, Rocky and Buster.

Mr. Tubs

Mr. Tubs is my first cat as a full fledged grown up, even though I was living with my parents at the time after college. My mom brought Tubs home to me in December of 1997, a few months after my childhood cat of 14 years passed away. Mr. Tubs came from one of the local animal shelters and they guestimated him to be 1-2 years old. Contrary to popular assumption, Mr. Tubs was not named entirely because of his weight, even though he has always been a tubby kitty. He was named because he loves to lay in the bathtub and still does.

He has always been a fat cat and from his very first vet visit he was on a diet. Tubs had been on possibly every prescription and store bought weight loss food there is along with very tight portion control. In September of 2005, I brought him into the vet for frequent thirst and urination. He was diagnosed with Diabetes. He topped out at 25 pounds. Thankfully I found FDMB and learned a lot about the treatment of feline diabetes and proper feline nutrition. Through my research into feline diabetes is how I met Lynette, Jenny and Trina. After learning to test blood glucose at home, Tubs was put on a low carb wet food diet. We were already meal feeding his small portions of kibble, so the switch was easy. Tubs thought he was in heaven with the normal size portions of yummy canned food. The results were amazing. The weight was literally melting off. After a few weeks of this diet change, Tubs no longer required insulin. After 2 years, Tubs has continued on his quest to reach a healthy weight and has lost 10 pounds. He can run, play and even jump on the counters which he has never been able to do before.


Rocky was born to a feral momma. The mother and kittens were found in a friend of a friend's barn in May 2001. I had no intention on adopting another cat. Tubs had always been an only cat and I didn't think he would be accepting of a new friend. My friend called and wanted me to just come and see the baby kittens.? It was love at first sight. Rocky came home with me a few weeks later. It didn't take long for Tubs and Rocky to be best buds. In late 2005, Rocky started having coughing spells. (Yes, when it rains, it pours!) At first, I thought it was hairballs but I never found any evidence. At the prompting of friends on FDMB, we found FritztheBrave.com. In January of 2006, Rocky was diagnosed with Feline Asthma. Fortunately, we live close to the best respiratory vet in the country, Dr. Padrid. Rocky started on inhaled medication (Flovent and Albuterol) via the Aerokat and his asthma has been well controlled.


Buster has severe Inflammatory Bowel Disease and had been in foster care with prior Feline Outreach President, Lynette, in 2006.  He had been adopted and returned numerous times because of his condition.  After being abandoned by his last adopters in the summer of 2008, Heather decided that he will come home with her. 

Buster does not tolerate any canned food and must remain on a raw food diet only. 

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